John Carmack resigns as CTO at Oculus

More time for own projects like artificial intelligence and the family: John Carmack will continue to be the technical director (CTO) of Oculus VR,  which has been one of the best goggles for VR gaming ( and VR porn (

John Carmack has announced a kind of resignation

The current Chief Technology Officer of Oculus will take on the role of “Consulting CTO” in the future and will thus retain Facebook in a strategic advisory form. He will continue to focus on internal projects that focus on mobile SoC with maximum visual quality. One such is the Oculus Quest (test), which contains a Snapdragon 835 as it is also used for smartphones.

  • Together with Oculus founder Palmer Luckey, John Carmack worked on the prototype of the Rift and demonstrated the VR headset with Doom 3 BFG Edition at E3 2012.
  • Meanwhile, Carmack was still working at Zenimax, as the publisher had taken over id Software in June 2009.
  • Zenimax also includes Arkane Studios, Bethesda Software, Machine Games, Tango Gameworks and Zenimax Online Studios.

id Software

id Software was co-founded by Carmack in 1991, with Wolfenstein, Doom, Quake and Rage among the developers’ best-known game series. Carmack left id Software in August 2013 and became CTO of Oculus, which was purchased by Facebook in March 2014 for $2.3 billion. Carmack wants to deal with artificial intelligence in the future and support his son professionally.

The original team of Oculus no longer exists: Of the six founders, Jack McCauley left already in 2015, followed by Palmer Luckey in March 2017, Brendan Iribe in October 2018, Michael Antonov in May 2019 and Nate Mitchell in August 2019. The reasons were different – Luckey had supported the election campaign of Donald Trump, Iribe and Mitchell are said to have disagreed with the focus on cheaper headsets. Andrew Reisse died in an accident in 2013.

Here are a few examples of his work

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