Usenet Vs Filesharing

The exchange of files has developed strongly with the boom of the Internet in recent years. The file-sharing networks sprang up like weeds and disappeared just as quickly. A “new” system has been in the spotlight for some time now, but this has been the case since the 1980s – the Usenet. Over time, experts claim, the Usenet will outstrip the barter exchanges. This article explains why this change will take place and where the advantages of Usenet lie.

Innovation that is not really innovation!

As already mentioned, no new invention was made with the Usenet. Usenet exists, if you look at it closely, longer than the actual Internet as we know it. Websites only came after the Usenet. But what is it about this Usenet? One can imagine the Usenet as a large bulletin board to which anyone can attach messages. In Usenet, there are so-called newsgroups that deal with certain topics. Opinions can be exchanged here. This is the actual purpose of this system and very easy, just like for example a credit online to compare. A new development, however, allows other files, such as videos, images and applications, to be exchanged over the Usenet in addition to text.

Totally simple and yet ingenious!

The well-known file-sharing networks have a big and decisive weak point – speed. Because P2P technology is used in the file-sharing networks, in which two computers are connected via a server, the transfer rate is very low because the files have to be uploaded and downloaded. As a result, your own transfer rate depends on the transfer rate of the person who sends me files. Speed is one of the main advantages of Usenet. By establishing a direct connection to a server in the Usenet, unexpected rates can be achieved. Even a download speed of 4 Mbit per second is possible – increases are to be expected!

Anonymous and secure!

  • The advantage of anonymity in file-sharing networks, which was first extolled in a big way, has turned out to be a false statement. This is rather an advantage of the Usenet.
  • Compare german provider at
  • Due to the fact that the files available for download are already on the server, it is no longer possible to trace who placed them there.
  • The files on the Usenet servers cannot therefore be assigned to any Usenet user.
  • Another point that speaks for the Usenet is security.
  • The Usenet has specially developed software with which all kinds of files can be downloaded quickly and easily. In addition, all file streams are encoded with 128-bit encryption. This gives Usenet a great advantage over file-sharing networks in terms of security.

Variety without limits and restrictions!

Since the new software programmed by the providers for the Usenet allows any type of file to be distributed over the Usenet, there are no limits to the amount of files. Any kind of censorship will be sought in vain. You can find pictures and texts as well as high-quality songs and videos, from musicals in Germany to modern HipHop music. Also application can refer over the Usenet. The barriers are set by the users themselves. In short: You will find everything you are looking for on the Usenet!

A potential that is worth its price!

  1. Various providers have made it their task to provide Internet users with access to the Usenet. Even if the principle of the Usenet is very simple, the use of this system requires a sophisticated procedure.
  2. The user achieves this through the software developed over many years, in which the entire experience of trained programmers is hidden. For a small amount per month you get access to the Usenet.
  3. By means of the provided software now all conceivable files of the offer can be downloaded with overwhelming speed. All these advantages can be tested in addition witthout obligation 14 days completely free of charge with a sample entrance. Without any costs up to 3,000 MB of data can be downloaded.

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